California’s Top Personal Injury Law Firm

Absolutely no fees, unless you win!

California’s Top Personal Injury Law Firm

Absolutely no fees, unless you win!

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Vehicle Accident | Verdict


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Why The Law Collective?

We – Elliot and Aaron Eslamboly – pride ourselves on not just being your lawyers, but your family. As brothers, we believe it’s important to cultivate strong bonds with our clients, talking you through each and every step of the legal process and making ourselves available 24/7 to answer any of your questions.

Our approach has worked. While we’re a newer firm, we’ve seen impressive results on behalf of our clients across multiple practice areas, including: Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Workers Compensation and Sexual Harassment.

Bottom line: We are your brothers who will back you up. Because every day is a new fight – but you can rely on us to be there with you in battle.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

Experiencing an accident can be stressful and traumatizing — that’s why we want to make finding and hiring the right personal injury attorney easy. No victim of a personal injury accident should every have to pay for an incident that is of no fault of their own. This is why The Law Collective works on a contingency fee basis! Don’t hesitate to reach out for help, and we will help assess your situation and go over costs to help you figure out how to get affordable legal assistance from us. There are no upfront costs and you will never have to pay any costs out of pocket. We operate under a No Win, No Fee Guarantee. You will not pay any attorney’s fees or costs if there is no recovery. There are no hidden fees. There are no hidden conditions. Guaranteed.

Why hire a personal injury attorney?

To put it simply: No one should have to navigate filing an injury claim alone, especially not after going through something as traumatic as an accident. Oftentimes, accident victims will face economic damages — such as medical expenses — and non-economic expenses — such as serious injury. We find that insurance companies also try to play down your case to try and get you to settle for less than you deserve. We’re here to help you avoid that outcome.

What We Do

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Do You Handle?
Car Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Truck Accidents
Uber Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Brain Injury
Slip & Fall
Employment Law

What are the Law Collective’s goals?

Win Win Win

Create solutions where the client, the community and the collective all win.

Think Sustainably

Make decisions that last longer than you will.

Keep it Real

Cultivate authentic relationships with clients.

Add The Collective Touch

Create meaningful connections every day.

Make An Impact

Leave people better than you found them.

Live The Collective Life

Celebrate your passion and your purpose.

Reputation. Respect. Results.

Time after time. Year after year. We've delivered to each and every one of our clients. The numbers speak for themselves. And so do our clients and their stories.

Our Don't Win, Don't Pay Guarantee.

If we don't win your case, you don't pay us a dime. Guaranteed.

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Without representation, you will be taken advantage of. Every day, we share our time, expertise, and understanding with those who need legal guidance, support, and counsel. Take the first step in your path to seeking recovery and justice by reaching out today.

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