The Law Collective, a leading personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, we are proud to be the trusted co-counsel for many other law firms throughout California and the country. If your law firm is helping a client in a state outside of your practice abilities, you can use our co-counsel to complete casework and litigation there. If your legal team is not comfortably familiar with the details for a high-stakes case you simply cannot jeopardize by guessing, our law firm can provide the missing knowledge and know-how through collaboration. The opposite scenarios may also be true, in which we need your insight or practice in another state. This is the greatness of referrals and co-counsel – empowering law firms through cooperation that ultimately benefits all of our clients as well.

Benefits of using a referral to form a co-counsel with The Law Collective include:

  • We pay up to 50% of referral fees to encourage even more referrals and opportunities.
  • We can be retained as co-counsel during any point of your case.
  • We are capable of helping with initial investigations and casework.
  • Our attorneys value constant and clear communication to stay connected with co-counsel.

Do not forget that co-counsels and referrals are good for your law firm’s finances as well. By teaming up with other legal professionals, you can manage more cases than you could on your own. Even though the attorney fees will be split among your law firms, you will still be getting a healthy fair share based upon your work and input.

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here are so many great benefits of co-counseling and referrals between law firms. Yet the underlying concept is still controlled by business contracts that must be respected. Before you sign any sort of agreement to collaborate with another law firm, whether you choose to work with The Law Collective or not, there are a few things your law firm must consider.

The three basics of a good co-counsel partnership are:

Research: It can be a great feeling to find a law firm to act as your co-counsel partner in a difficult or extensive legal case, but do not rush into the agreement. Take your time to thoroughly review the law firm that wants to team up with yours. What is their track record, especially for similar cases? What attorneys will they assign to the case? What is their reputation in the legal community? Ask and answer all these questions and more.

Punctuality: An agreement to work together needs to also include timelines for managing the case and absolute deadlines for important filings and casework. Co-counseling can become problematic if you do not establish your plan and strategy upfront, particularly in regards to timelines.

Writing: Your co-counsel agreement cannot simply be spoken. You must get it in writing to establish a reliable, enforceable legal contract. Hopefully your co-counsel of choice is trustworthy enough where you do not need to worry about them deviating from the partnership’s agreements, but it never hurts to write things down and sign them together.

Ethics & Legal Statutes of Fee Sharing Between Lawyers

One of the number one questions our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys hear from other law firms when planning to act as co-counsel is whether or not it is ethical to share fees for referrals and victories. If you are not familiar with the rules and regulations, do not worry, for we are. California Rule of Professional Conduct §2-200 authorizes an attorney to share fees with another attorney so long as the client approves of the fee split in writing and the arrangement does not increase the overall fee to the client. We comply with all state bar rules and will provide you with a signed §2-200 complaint letter that confirms the fee arrangement for your records.

With Experience Like Ours, Why Take Chances with Anyone Else?

The Law Collective, APLC and our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are renowned throughout California and the state as a law firm with unmatched knowledge of liability laws and unrivaled abilities in the courtroom. With a focus on co-counsel projects and an affinity for attorney referrals, we believe we should be your number one choice when you need to strengthen your firm and case with outside help. We like to return the favor as well, letting others know about some of the greatest law firms and lawyers we have had the pleasure of working with through co-counseling. In the end, it is all about creating win-win relationships for our colleagues and our clients using smart and effective collaboration.


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