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    The advent of rideshare applications such as Lyft that provide pre-arranged rides have completely changed how individuals travel from point A to point B and companies like Lyft have completely crashed into the transportation industry. Founded in 2012, Lyft has become an extremely popular travel method with the notable pink furry mustache branded onto all the cars that its drivers use. However, while Lyft cars may make streets look more entertaining, the higher volume of Lyft rideshare cars has correlated with a higher volume of accidents involving rideshare vehicles like Lyft.

    If you are involved in a personal injury or car accident while driving for Lyft, riding as a passenger with Lyft, or involved in an accident with a vehicle driving with Lyft, the Lyft accident attorneys and rideshare lawyers at The Law Collective should be your next call. We will passionately listen to the facts of the specific case at no cost. The call and consultation is absolutely free and you can call (213)441-4000 to speak to an attorney right away.

    Lyft accidents can be a complex process when it comes to proving liability for who is at fault for the accident and how the entire claims process is handled. Lyft will only be responsible for accidents as long as the driver has the rideshare application on their mobile phone logged in during their drive time. However, the amount of coverage depends on what stage the particular ride is.

    If a Lyft driver is logged in but a ride has not been accepted, the applicable policy limit of coverage is $250,000 for death and personal injury per person, $300,000 per accident for death and personal injury, and $30,000 for property damage.

    If a Lyft driver is logged in and the ride has been accepted or a passenger is riding in the vehicle, the applicable policy limit of coverage is $1,000,000 for death, personal injury, and property damage.

    However, the facts of every case are unique and what you may think makes your accident fall into one category may not always be the case and a full evaluation is necessary by a Lyft accident attorney and expert. The Lyft accident attorneys at The Law Collective will help you evaluate your claim to certify which category of coverage applies to your specific accident.

    This call you make to The Law Collective will make the recovery process a more smooth and less stressful one. As your Lyft accident attorneys, we will work to get your medical bills paid and a compensation award that gives you a sense of peace after settlement of your claim. Financial compensation may be owed to you for:

    • Emergency room costs
    • Ambulance costs
    • Other medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Wrongful death

    Our top-rated Lyft accident attorneys will work non-stop to fight for you against the insurance companies and lawyers hired by Lyft in order to avoid taking responsibility and liability for the Lyft accident you were involved in with their driver. It is absolutely imperative to contact us in order to protect your rights against these scheming entities.

    If you or a loved one suffered from a Lyft accident, do not hesitate to call our office and speak to an attorney immediately at (213) 441-4000.

    In order to get the compensation that you deserve, you must work with the best car accident law firm in your area. Our dedicated team of car accident lawyers will fight for you against the insurance company’s attempts to weaken your claim. Because of this, The Law Collective has familiarized itself with how insurance companies work and we know how to counteract their delay-and-deny tactics. It is common for us to double, triple, or even quadruple an insurance company’s initial settlement offer. We have won more than $400 million for our clients. If you want to get maximum compensation for your damages, injuries and losses, call The Law Collective today. With our team of expert car accident attorneys, you will never have to settle for less than you deserve. Call now or tap the button below for a free consultation!

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