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About Our Firm

The Law Collective is a Nevada based personal injury law firm that provides legal representation. We are a team of top professionals who provide the best accident and personal injury legal services throughout our 23 office locations throughout California and Nevada.

Top Rated Las Vegas Trial Attorneys & Team

Home to California’s top attorneys and industry-leading legal support staff, The Law Collective has established itself as one of the top legal firms in the industry in Las vegas and Nevada at large. As a law firm with integrity, we believe that bringing you quality service means pairing you with the best in the industry. The team at The Law Collective, hand-picked by founder Elliot Eslamboly, is made up of a network of experts who are the very best in their fields. We always meet our deadlines, and make ourselves available to answer questions from our clients, 24/7.

The attorneys at The Law Collective, fight aggressively for your rights, day in and day out, against insurance companies from taking opportunistic advantage of Plaintiff’s all over the state. Not only do the injury attorneys at The Law Collective do everything they can do to resolve your case without having the need to file a lawsuit, they will also file a lawsuit in the Court for the city of Las Vegas if they need to in order to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve. Through their experience and passionate pursuit of justice in the courtroom and the law, The Law Collective will do everything to win your case.

With the millions of lights it has, Las Vegas is considered to be the brightest spot on earth.  Drawing tourists and vacationers alike, from all over the world, Las Vegas is a haven for car accidents and personal injury accidents.  People drive from all over the world for a taste of the blackjack tables and the nightlife that the beautiful city has to offer. Many do not know that the Las Vegas Strip is actually part of Clark County.  This may present some hurdles in and of itself. Trust The Law Collective’s attorneys to handle the complex litigation cases that occur every single day on The Las Vegas Strip. More than 42 million tourists visit Las Vegas every year and they spend approximately under 40 Billion Dollars in the city each year. Bouncing from Hotel to hotel and casino to casino, Uber and Lyft are popular modes of transportation for Vegas Tourists. Both passengers in rideshare vehicles and drivers can collect if involved in any way with an Uber or Lyft. With it’s lenient drinking laws and aversion to nightlife and gambling, there are plenty of car accidents that occur on the strip and in hotels.  Due to the nature of it’s pro-business friendly tax laws, Las Vegas is also home to many new business and commercial highways such as the Interstate 15 Freeway. Consequently, Las Vegas bears witness to thousands of car accidents and truck accidents a year, the majority of those accidents caused by speeding on these open highways.

If you are the victim of an accident in Las Vegas, it is absolutely imperative that you call the experienced accident attorneys at The Law Collective so you recover from the injury you suffered at the hands of someone else’s negligence. We are available 24/7 at (213) 441-4000 to give you FREE consultation and case evaluation.

The Types of Cases We Handle

Accidents happen — about hundreds and thousands a year, in fact. But we’re here to help you handle the aftermath of often traumatic incidents. These car accidents and motorcycle accidents more often than not, are caused by negligent or distracted drivers, which can often result in injuries and significant damage to property.

That’s where we come in. From car and truck accidents incidents, to Uber and Lyft accidents,  we handle every type of personal injury and accident case. Our firm is experienced in both accident and wrongful death cases. We are known in the Las Vegas industry as aggressive trial attorneys who consistently achieve incredible results for our clients. We fight hard for our clients, something insurance companies and big business know from our reputation alone. We are willing to take on any type of case, be it simple or complex. Other types of accident cases that we handle include pedestrian accidentspremises liability or slip and fall accidents, and train and bus accidents Our goal is to ensure you get the best legal counsel, no matter the situation you find yourself in.

Serving the Las Vegas Area

Elliot and Aaron Eslamboly, brothers are passionate about the sparkling lights of Las Vegas — and serving its residents. That’s why providing legal services to all those in the Las Vegas area is a top priority for The Law Collective. Our legal team and staff are passionate about serving our clients by providing unparalleled legal representation to accident and injury victims.

We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means as our client you won’t have to pay until and unless we win a successful recovery. We are so confident in our ability to maximize your payout, we cover all legal fees, and back our experience on a no win, no fee guarantee.

Please contact us if you are in need of a Las Vegas car accident lawyer or an attorney to represent you in another accident or injury case. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation case consultation, whether you are looking for an accident lawyer in Las Vegas or a neighboring community.

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